The Tea Girl Story

“Tea is not a trend, it is a lifestyle. Tea brings the world together, it connects people.”

Sarah Teagirl

Sarah “Teagirl” was introduced to tea by her grandmother—always equipped with a steeping pot of Twinings Earl Grey—and since then has developed an undying love for the leaf.

In high school, Sarah was known for having a stash of loose-leaf tea and a steeping ball ready for a spot during breaks. “Teagirl” naturally fit from then on.

Sarah had a dream of establishing herself in the tea industry. After college she pursued hands-on education opportunities and field experience to help her achieve her goals.

Her key personal goal—then and now—was to learn from knowledgable people in the tea industry.

In 2003, Sarah started at Steeps Mount Royal Village in Calgary. Then in 2004, she established the Oolong Tea House. During 2007, Sarah took over the wholesale warehouse of Steeps. With her key sense of detail, in 2010, she designed and opened two other teahouses. In 2011, Sarah successfully achieved her Tea Sommelier certification and taught at Bow Valley College.

How did she end up in Edmonton?

In 2010, the fresh aroma of tea summoned Sarah north to purchase and operate Steeps Old Glenora in Edmonton.

Three years after dedicating her time to the teahouse, Sarah wants to become even more accountable to you and the local community by becoming the face of her independent teahouse—the tea girl.

She has built a strong tea community and continues to expand her tea network locally and internationally.

Sarah the tea girl