Monthly Tea Flavours Subscription

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Our monthly Tea Flavours subscription included 5 seasonal themed selections of The Tea Girl flavoured blends mailed out to your door! This subscription repeats annually, so you can join anytime and try 60 rotating flavours throughout the year!

Each sample contains enough for 2 cups of each flavour, or one small pot. Each tea also comes with a info sheet about the tea including blenders notes and steeping guide. Our teas in our subscription are made free of any major allergens and sweeteners (dairy, wheat, soy, nuts, sugar, stevia)

Regular subscriptions are mailed out the first week of every month. Subscriptions purchased during the month will be sent out the current month's subscription on the date of purchase, then billed the following 1st of the month with the regular month's subscription shipping.

Priced at $15 per month, includes free shipping in Canada, and only ships within Canada. Can be cancelled anytime. No refunds once samples are shipped for the month.

SPOILERS! Click here to see the list of teas sent out each year!

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