Down by the Bay

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Organic Ti Kwan Yin flavoured with a complimentary melon to enhance the bright floral green of the large leaves of this curled tea. The tea is also blended with apple pieces, amaranth and safflower petals. Makes a very refreshing iced tea, and also offers multiple infusions.

Blenders Notes: Down by the bay, is where the watermelon’s grow! Which is where this tea got it’s earworm title. The tea has a natural juicy floral flavour that feels like it was meant to be paired with melon. The Oolong leaves leave no astringency and open up to fill the cup in the same hue as a watermelon rind.  The tea can be steeped 2-3 times before running out of flavour.


ingredients: organic oolong tea, apple, amaranth, safflower, flavour.