Himalayan Chai

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A West Indian Chai based on a simple blend of full leaf Indian teas and a Karha of cinnamon bark, crushed cardamom, and dried ginger root. Traditionally boiled with milk and sugar to create a balance blend of chai.

 Blenders Notes: A chai with cardamom-forward flavour, followed by sweet cinnamon and lingering ginger.  Brewed black, this blend is robust and astringent. However, the best way to enjoy this chai is traditionally: boiled in a pot with milk. Simmer 300mL of water with 2 tsp or 6g of tea for 8 min. Slowly add in 250mL of milk and heat on medium for another 8 min without boiling. Strain into a mug and sweeten to taste. Up to 1 tsp of sugar is recommended.   

ingredients: black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger