Sencha Ashikubo, org

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A magnificent steamed green tea from the Ashikubo valley. The tea leaves of this Sencha have undergone a longer drying process which results in a mild liquor that is slightly fruitier and toastier than other generally more herbaceous Senchas. Secondary aromas of corn, mango, hazelnuts and parsley make it an ideal tea for anyone starting to discover Japanese teas.

The appearance of this tea is a dark rich green with an intense fresh aroma with notes of mango peel. The leaves are a mix of shorter cut leaves which steep in a very bright emerald infusion.

This style of Japanese green tea steeps best with a controlled quick infusion with lower temperature to prevent over steeping. Don’t skip the second infusion, it is best brewed back to back with the first!

  • Cultivar: Yabukita
  • Altitude: 150m


ingredients: organic green tea