Blueberry Skies

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White Pai Mu Tan with bright blue cornflowers and jasmine blossoms flavoured with juicy blueberry and creamy vanilla. Great over ice!

Blenders Notes: Blueberry gained popularity as a tea flavour about ten years ago, about the same time the first antioxidant craze around the dark indigo berries was hitting mainstream media. Blueberries and anything with high antioxidants were suddenly fore front in every food or drink choice. Naturally combining blueberry and white tea became a thing and has been a staple white tea flavour since. This particular blend is all about the flavour of blueberries and sweet honey pine flavours of the white tea - and not about how healthy the tea is. (That’s just an added bonus! )

 Name change 2021: Moody Blues to Blueberry Skies

Ingredients: white tea, jasmine blossoms, cornflowers, blueberries, flavour