Single Origin Teas

Showcasing some of our top teas from single estates and farms

Premium Tea Line

Local Tea Blender & Flavourist

The Tea Girl is an online tea boutique selling our own brand of tea flavours created by the owner Sarah right here in Edmonton. We also supply tea to a variety of cafes and restaurants.

  • What's in a name? - to Chai is to Tea

    What's in a name? - to Chai is to Tea
    Chai is another word for tea, used mainly in countries along the land trade routes for tea and spices out of China during the thousand years old Silk Road. The word originates from the Sinitic character which is pronounced ‘cha’ in the Mandarin language. This pronunciation eventually morphed into ”chay” (چای)  in Persian as tea traveled across the continent. 
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Rogue Wave Coffee
11322 119th Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta

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