Frozen Summit - Nantou Chang

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Over the years, oolongs from Dong Ding Mountain have made quite a name for themselves. Grown in high-altitude, shorter daylight and greater temperature variations concentrate the aromatic oils in the slow budding leaves. They are well known amongst tea enthusiasts for their creamy texture and buttery taste.

In their traditional style, oolongs from Nantou region are typically roasted. But the last decade has seen farmers leaning more and more towards jade oolongs production: bright blue-green unroasted pearls gloriously showcasing the creamy potential of Taiwanese tea. This exquisite Dong Ding tea reveals bright floral fragrances rounded up by exotic fruits accents and delightful milky side notes.

  • Cultivar: Qing Xing
  • Altitude: 800m

ingredients: oolong tea