Lavande de Provence

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Rooibos with the fruity and floral flavours of Provence, France; rose hips, elderberries, rose petals, and sapphire blue lavender buds from Provence. A good balance of dry wine like fruit flavours and floral finishes.

Blenders Notes: This rooibos blend is a version of an older popular rooibos. In it I have used elderberry flavour which gives a mature sweet, but slightly dry flavour to the cup and used our highest quality lavender and rose blossoms to brighten the colour and floral aromas. The result is an infusion that is simultaneously both berry and floral. Lavender is known for its soothing properties, which makes this infusion a great evening enjoyment.


ingredients: organic red rooibos, elderberries, rose hips, lavender, rose petals, flavour