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One of the finest tea estates in the vicinity of the town is Tinderet, of which Lelsa is a sub-district, situated just off the equator with 707 hectares under tea. The estate is a relative newcomer to the Kenyan tea scene and was planted in only 1956. Interestingly, the lands used for the gardens once grew eucalyptus, the faint hints of which are said to color the profile of the tea like a botanical fingerprint. Of all Tinderet's sub-districts, Lelsa is considered something of a jewel in the crown. Its rows are well situated in the garden and receive near perfect amounts of sunlight, rainfall and drainage. Lelsa's teas are consistently prized for their purity of flavor, round robust character and malty Kenyan edge that takes milk exceptionally well. This FBOP is no exception. Exceedingly flavory with floral notes and assertive astringency, this truly stands up as one of Africa's greatest teas. The tea growing regions in Kenya are endowed with the ideal climate for tea. Kenya is recognized for their quality tea and responsible growing practices that are free from agro-chemicals.

Certificates include: Ethical Tea Partnership, Fair Trade, Organic

ingredients: organic black tea