Maple Pumpkin

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Sweet flavours of maple syrup and pumpkin cream on an organic rooibos with apricot pieces, sweet orange peel, calendula and safflowers. Makes a great seasonal latte treat.
Blenders Notes: This blend has been tricky to get to the right balance of sweetness and spice. The maple sweetness supports the pumpkin aroma and is balanced by a hint of walnut and the heat of ginger spice.The blend is best if allowed to steep at least 5 min so the spices can infuse. The rooibos allows long steeping as it has low tannin and does not go bitter. A splash of sweetener will bring the infusion to perfection.
Ingredients: organic rooibos, cinnamon, ginger, citrus peel, cocoa pieces, apricot, orange peel, calendula, safflowers, flavour.