Nan Mei

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These buds are plucked from what is known as wild trees located in Nan Mei Valley in the Lincang area. The trees are alleged ancestors of the Camellia Sinensis plant. The silvery young buds are the only part of the tree used in plucking, then withered and dried. This unique tea is an amazing experience for any tea lover. 

Tasters Notes: This tea might steep light in colour, but it is anything but light in flavour. Fragrances of aromatic sage and Clementine emanate from the infusion and its liquor is sweet, silky and spicy, aroma characteristic of tea from wild tea trees. The finish is smooth and comforting with no bitterness, as the tea is remarkably caffeine free! Allow your tea to brew the full steep between 5 to 7 min for the best infusion.  


Ingredients: Wild White Tea Buds