Pineapple Express

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A sweet blend of mild bright Bancha from Kagoshima Prefecture, organic toasted rice, apple pieces, sunflowers and orange blossoms all flavoured brightly with pineapple and passion fruit flavours. The roasted notes from the roasted rice match the light toast flavour of the Bancha leaves while the fruit flavours sweeten the forward notes of the cup.

Blenders Notes: This blend is a new version of Pineapple Express, that uses pineapple and passion fruit  to capture a sweet tropical theme paired with dry roasted notes from the popped rice.  The light fruity flavours of the tea are best enjoyed on their own without any added sugar.  Great on warm days for something refreshing.


Ingredients: green tea, roasted rice, apple pieces, pineapple pieces sunflowers, orange blossoms and flavours.