Seogwang Woojeon, organic

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A first picking pre-rain flush green tea from the island of Jeju, South Korea. The Seogwang (So-Gwan) tea estate is owned and operated by the O’sulluc tea company who also operate a famous tea museum on the estate to showcase traditional tea culture of Korea and green tea. The garden is one of the most well managed estates in Korea, producing exquisite teas in the fertile volcanic soil.

The leaves are lightly curled and twisted with a deep green hue. Following Japanese production techniques, the leaves undergo a quick steaming, but also a longer drying period in electric tumblers that adds a Chinese tea flavour profile.

The aroma of the dry leaf smells similar to a grassy sencha, where as the infusion tastes of cooked vegetables with a hint of dry straw and citrus.


ingredients: organic green tea