Somewhere over the Rainbow

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A tea to share with your best Judy and celebrate the events life brings. Black tea flavoured like confetti rainbow cake with a spectrum of coloured petals and glitter to spark a party.

I created this tea as the world needs more rainbows and why not in the form of a tea that tastes like birthday cake? The go to cake mix of the 90's for all kids birthday parties was any boxed confetti cake.  Plilsbury invented the original "Funfetti' rainbow cake in 1989 and who can forget Dunk-a-roos cookies with a rainbow icing for dunking! Remember to come as you are and celebrate life and don't let anyone dull your sparkle.

ingredients: black tea, raspberry bits, cornflowers, bamboo leaf, amaranth, sunflowers, safflowers, mallow blossoms, flavour, mica Ti02