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A clear gift box with 12 tea samples, each tin makes 2 cups of tea.  Four different boxed sets to choose from, all with different teas!

Sampler boxes are made to order. Orders of 8 or more boxes will require a longer lead time than posted shipping times. Please email for a current timeline and availability.

Box A: Tea & Herbals

Cream Earl Grey - Black Tea
Vanilla Chai - Black Tea
Paradise Coconut - Black Tea
Emerald Isle - Green Tea
Vanilla Orchid - Oolong Tea
Orange Passion - Oolong Tea
Love Potion no. 9 - White Tea
Juniper Rooibos - Herbal
After Seven Rooibos - Herbal
Blueberry Créme Caramel Rooibos - Herbal
Rose Garden - Herbal
Berried Treasure - Herbal

Box B: Tea & Herbals

Vanilla Bean - Black Tea
Caramel Cluster - Black Tea
Mountain Berry - Black Tea
Bergamot Queen - Green Tea
Down by the Bay - Oolong Tea
Peppermint Patti - White Tea
Loha Lychee - White Tea
African Chai Rooibos - Herbal
Caramel Cup Rooibos - Herbal
Fuzzy Peach Rooibos - Herbal
Dreamy Time - Herbal
Raspberry Cordial - Herbal

Box C: All Teas

French Toast Crunch - Black Tea
Vintage Earl Grey - Black Tea
Queen's Blend - Green/Black Tea
Indigo Sky - Black Tea
The Tea Girl Breakfast - Black Tea
Pineapple Express - Green Tea
Starburst - Green Tea
Electric Blue Lemonade - Green Tea
Kettle Corn - Oolong Tea
Orange Chocolate - Oolong Tea
Princess Peach - White Tea
Vanilla Coconut - White Tea

Box D: All Herbals

Spicy Chocolate Rooibos - Herbal
Strawberries & Cream Rooibos - Herbal
Bumbleberry Rooibos - Herbal
Lavande de Provence Rooibos - Herbal
Moonlight Lavender - Herbal
Mint Medley - Herbal
Potion of Restoration - Herbal
Cold Ninja - Herbal
Refresh - Herbal
Vanilla Fluff - Herbal
Peachy Keen - Herbal
Cranberry Cider - Herbal

Christmas Box
Caramel Cluster - Black Tea
Orange Chocolate - Oolong Tea
Winter Stars - Green Tea
Baked Cinnamon Apple - Hrbeal
After Seven Rooibos - Herbal
Candy Cane - Oolong Tea
Chocolate Indulgence Black Tea
Nutcracker - Oolong Tea
Maple Pumpkin Rooibos - Herbal
Cranberry Cider - Herbal
Peppermint Pattie - White Tea
Cocoa Chili Chai - Black Tea

Natural 'Around The World' Teas Box
Japanese Sencha - Green Tea
Seogwang Joongjak Korean - Green Tea
Lucky Dragon Hyson - Green Tea
Santosa Estate Java - Black Tea
Oakland Nahorhabi Assam - Black Tea
Yunnan Ming - Black Tea
Castleton 2nd Flush Darjeeling - Black Tea
Kangaita Kenya - Black Tea
Kenilworth Estate Ceylon - Black Tea
Iron Goddess Fujian - Oolong Tea
Oriental Beauty Jingmai - Oolong Tea
White Peony Fujian - White Tea

Premium Teas Box

Adam's Peak - White Tea
Kenyan Silverback - White Tea
Shangri-La Nepal - White Tea
Dragon Well Zhejiang - Green Tea
Sencha Mobata Japan - Green Tea
Seogwang Joongjak Korean - Green Tea
Four Seasons Nantou - Oolong Tea
Oriental Beauty Hsinchu - Oolong Tea
Golden Butterfly Hunan - Black Tea
Jungpana Darjeeling 1st Flush - Black Tea
Shangri-La Gold Nepal - Black Tea
Golden Monkey Hunan - Black Tea