Butter Nut Toffee Rooibos - In the Vault

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This blend is in the Tea Vault, and is out of regular inventory rotation.  You can still order this blend with minimum quantity 250g and a lead time of 2 weeks. Once in a while, a tea may come out of the vault for a limited time, when smaller amounts can be ordered until the tea is sold out again.


Indulge into the rich aromas of caramel, almond and walnut while sipping on a mug of this rooibos. Full bodied and sweet nutty flavours compliment the earthy wood flavours of rooibos and allows for enjoyment into evening hours.

Blenders Notes: Caramel and nut flavours naturally compliment each other. Caramelization brings out toasted nutty flavours of the sugar and naturally match the earthy notes of walnut and caramel. Although similar to vanilla, caramel flavour fans enjoy the more rich notes found in caramel and pairing the flavour this way highlights the unique aspect of this sweet flavour. As a note, because we do not add actual nuts, the blend is actually allergen free!

Ingredients: organic rooibos, sunflowers, calendula, flavour. (does not contain nuts)